Nepal Engineers' Association Website Defaced by Hackers

Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA)  website ( has been hacked and defaced by hackers. Hacker seems to be fond of Rajesh Hamal jokes.  They have placed Rajesh Hamal Jokes on NEA website.

NEA website has been defaced by hackers while engineers were busy in election. The election for new executive committee for Nepal Engineer’s Association is going to held on 16th of September 2011. Site was last updated on 1st August 2011.

Nepal Engineers' Association Website Hacked

Hacker also uploaded a hacking tutorial in NEA website. They have shared a tutorial on how to make free calls worldwide using Skype.

how to make free skype call worldwideNepal Engineers' Association (NEA), a non-profit professional organization, was founded by a group of young enthusiastic engineers in 1968 with a noble aim of developing engineering professionals to promote the development process by application of engineering sciences and technologies and at the same time increasing the interaction, goodwill and cooperation among engineers in Nepal and protect their professional rights.

Nepal Engineers' Association Website Hacked

Thanks @lkafle for tips.

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