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First of all, I’ve never seen such wonderful Nepali movie before. And another thing, Loot – a film by Nischal Basnet is the first Nepali movie to create lots of positive buzz in Social Media.

Social Media is not just meant for Hollywood & Bollywood but Social Media is playing great role for the success of Nepali movie Loot. If there is no social media, or let’s say if Loot has not used Social Media, particularly YouTube & Facebook, Loot has not become such hit then, because we know standard of Nepali movie.

Loot -  Nepali MovieLoot is a typical Nepali movie yet based on simple story, where they plan bank robbery! We’ve already wrote Loot’s review in our Nepali blog Aakar Post, here we’ll talk about Social Media & it’s relation with Loot.

People often get confused about Social Media & asks me, how can it’d help my business? Answer is in front of you. You need to promote your service/product in Social Media, particularly in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Blog. Loot team has posted their trailer on YouTube; they created Fan Page on Facebook. Trailer was impressive & attractive, do you believe trailer got 109,939 views on YouTube within one & half month. And they released song ‘Udreko Choli’ which is already a big hit with 55,000+ views on YouTube just in One month. There are 1700+ fans on their official Fan page.

Loot– Theatrical Trailer of Nepali Movie

Udhreko Choli– Loot Movie Song

After the movie release, it’s getting lots of positive response on Facebook, Twitter & Blogs. You must know these days your buying decision is influenced by Social Media; not by industry experts or print media. People are posting their positive reviews on Facebook, which is directly influencing their friends’ to watch this movie. I’ve seen stream of tweets & updates in Twitter & Facebook respectively.



There are more than 1.3 million Facebook users in Nepal. And everyday around 50% people will login to Facebook. Think about those people, who are talking about this movie on Facebook. And think about the market of your movie. Yes, your market is Social Media & your film promotion partner is Social Media. If you embrace Social Media, then you are likely to succeed, but your product has to be good anyway. If you ignore Social Media, then you are likely to fail even if you come with great product.

According to TrendsMap, yesterday #loot was a trending topic in Kathmandu. It’s a wow moment for Loot team and for all Nepali viewers. Everyone is talking about Loot, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Blogs! I too recommend to watch this movie, at least once.


Best Wishes to Loot!

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