photography website launched, an organization run by young Nepali photographers launched the website on Thursday, 29 September 2011. is an online photography gallery showcasing works of talented Nepali photographers.

NP foto

Currently launched as a "beta" version, allows invite-only members who can submit photos to the gallery. Once a submission is received, in-house panel of judges will assess the photo and decide whether to approve or decline the photo. "We are trying to feature only the best quality works in this website. Our slogan is 'awesome is what awesome does', because we intend to attract only the most 'awesome' photographs of Nepali photographers," said Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka, the founder of and member of panel of judges in

"The website features a gallery, an online photo submission page, a photo archive and social tools like liking and commenting that also makes the website an engaging social experience," says Swapnil Acharya, the developer of the website, "Rather than just having bland displays, we would like to see people engage in knowledgeable discussions in the website. This website isn't just about showcasing remarkable photos, but also a place from where new talents can learn and be inspired."

The developers of the website have claimed to be of cutting-edge quality that showcases only the finest works. "There are already so many photography-related organizations and groups in Nepal so it is necessary for to excel both quality-wise and credibility-wise," said developer Acharya. "Currently, we are focused towards releasing the final version of the website," said Khadka, "Once we have a full-fledged website online, we will be organizing photo contests, discussions and workshops as well. Another exciting highlight of will be an annual photography award, where winners will be picked from photos showcased in the website throughout the year." has been actively involved in the field of documentary and fine-art photography, filmmaking and photo exhibition since 2006. It has organized 2 nation-wide photo exhibitions, and is currently producing five short films as well.

The full-fledged website is expected to go public around December 2011.


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