10th National Technological Festival LOCUS 2013 from 28th June

“10th National Technological Festival” LOCUS 2013 has scheduled for 14, 15 and 16th of Ashad 2070 with the theme “Engineering the Rural Development”. Being one of the largest technological festivals of the country, the event will put forward innovative programs and competitions in order to encourage the students aspiring in the field of science and technology.

This year, LOCUS will be focusing on the issue “Rural Development” through an engineering perspective and act as a medium to acknowledge this topic via different plans and efforts in the technical level. LOCUS has tried to define the activities and concerns of rural development through engineering solutions. The primary objective of the event is to bring to light the present disparity of technology in the rural areas of Nepal and model the solution approaches. These modeling shall be via hardware implementations, software implementations, paper presentations or panel discussions.

Attractions This Year
Electronic Hardware, Computer Software and Electrical Exhibitions are the major highlights of the three days LOCUS technological festival. Under these broad events there are broad activities like open/thematic competition, exhibition,etc. LOCUS Committee also conducts seminars, workshops, and competitions on variety of topics suited for both the technical and the non-technical crowd. Science students of the higher secondary school level are also encouraged to take part in the tech fest as a means to stimulate the interest in the field of technology in students from a young age. Software and hardware companies also participate in the tech fest as a means to promote their product and to help people understand the various products available in the market to cater to their needs.

Major Activities this year :

  • Electronic Hardware Exhibition/Demonstration
  • Computer Software Exhibition/Demonstration
  • Electrical Events Exhibition/Projects
  • IT Entrepreneurship Panel Discussion
  • Paper Presentation
  • Gaming (FIFA, PES, DOTA, Counter Strike)
  • Assembling and Soldering Competition
  • ROBO Akhada (robot wrestle)
  • Code Camp
  • Web Design Competition
  • Photography Demonstration

Supporting Events :

  • Rural Development Photography Competition
  • Online Technical Quiz
  • Logo Design Competition
  • CISCO Seminar
  • Photovoltaic Power System Design Workshop
  • Inter College +2/Bachelor Level Technical Quiz Competition

LOCUS technological festival is purely a student initiated festival that involves the students directly or indirectly through different programs. Some of the plus points of this festival are:

  • This festival helps in strengthening the bond between +2 and engineering colleges throughout nation accumulating them at a single place.
  • It gives a chance to showcase the talents of students by allowing them to participate in various events and competition.
  • The manpower for Technological Companies is partially fulfilled by talents seen in this festival.
  • The festival is one of the dedicated places that showcase the student’s projects entirely.
  • All in all to say, with our annual technological locus festival ,LOCUS plans to bring to you a fantastic event that incorporates the ideas of the young and budding minds of students tackling real life scenarios giving solutions to problems.

Date: 14th 15th 16th Ashad, 2070
Palce : Pulchowk Campus, Lalitpur