Open Office Version 3.2 is available for download has released their newer version of Open Office suite few days ago.

The latest version of OpenOffice 3.2 is an open source software which is a great alternative to Microsoft Office. OPen Office version 3.2 boasts faster start-up times, ODF support, proprietary file support, support for postscript-based OpenType fonts, and more.

An OpenOffice suite includes basic components like text document (word processor), spreadsheet, presentation, graphics, formula and database capabilities. Open Office Version 3.2 boasts improvements to those components, including the Calc spreadsheet.

OpenOffice is an open source alternative office suite to Microsoft Office. If you don't want to pay huge amount for Microsoft Office Suite, and if you love open source software, then I must recommend you to use Open Office for your works. I'm sure you will love it. OpenOffice has been downloaded more then 300 million times over the course of its 10-year history, 100 million of which occurred from the organization’s main Web site.

Download Open Office absolutely free from here.

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