Twitter and Yahoo! Announce a Partnership

Yahoo! and the micro-blogging site Twitter have struck a content-sharing deal, they announced Wednesday -- a plan that will share real-time tweets with the 600 million users in Yahoo's global network.

The partnership will let people access their Twitter feeds on Yahoo! properties including their home pages, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Sports and others -- making it easier to tweet or check on the people they follow. Users Twitter and Yahoo! Announce a Partnershipwill be able to update their Twitter status from Yahoo! sites and share content from Yahoo! in their Twitter stream. Yahoo! Search also will be including real-time Twitter updates.

In a blog post Wednesday, Twitter said the Yahoo! deal is similar to its other partnerships with sites like the search engines Google and Bing.

In their blog post Twitter said, ‘From our perspective, this partnership represents a big opportunity. Tweets may be short, but they have proven over and over again to contain valuable information. As the Twitter information network grows and expands, it becomes more valuable for everyone who participates. Our open approach helps us get closer to providing universal connectivity to a global network of immediate information.’

For us it is a great news, hopefully within some days we will be able to update our Twitter through Yahoo Messenger Status without help of any plug-in. :)

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