Twitter is FREE on @Ncell for 3 months

Good news for Twitter users in Nepal, now Twitter is FREE for three months on Ncell.

"Respecting your right to expression, socializing and information, we have made Twitter free on our network for 3 months", said Ncell in a private message (DM) that was sent to a few Twitter power users.

Similar to Wikipedia zero, now Ncell customers will be able to access the Twitter, free of mobile data charges for three months using or official Twitter app for mobile (Android/iOS etc). But this offer is not available on Opera mini and other thrid party apps and browsers.

Later, Ncell confirmed via a tweet.

Good job Ncell! Make Twitter free forever. A few weeks back Ncell has introduced Wikipedia Zero - where Ncell customers are able to access the Wikipedia, free of mobile data charges.


  1. Yes. Starting from May 27, 2014.

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  3. you reveled a secret , Ncell sent pm to you people coz they knew that you are only to be benefitted as many nepali people donot know what the hell twitter is ??? Even if they Know , they do not know how to use it...

  4. I already get the khabar sanchar not available. May be we need to ask brain digit to ask it

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