Ncell Launches Mobile App Development Competition #AppCamp14

Nepal's leading private telecommunication company Ncell has unveiled the "Ncell App Camp" -- a mobile app development competition for mobile app developers and enthusiasts.

Mobile app developers and enthusiasts can take part in the competition for free by registering their teams and ideas around the four thematic areas -- Agriculture, Education, Tourism, and Corporate solution. The app can be created for any platforms, including Android, Apple iOS, Windows.
Issuing a statement on Monday, Ncell said first 150 best workable ideas will be selected and the teams will be invited to take part in capacity building seminars. During the seminars the teams will undergo coaching on various aspects of app making and business development.

Once the teams submit their refined ideas, 6 best ideas from each category - that is 24 teams in total - will be selected for the final competition, which will be held through December 9-11, 2014.

These finalists under the mentorship of national and international experts would come up with working prototypes, present them and pitch their ideas to independent jury, comprising of experts from different sectors. After evaluating the usability and viability of the app prototypes, the jury will select four category winners and one overall winner.

The thematic winners would win a cash prize of Rs. 250,000 each, and the overall winner will bag additional Rs. 500,000 in cash along with Ncell sponsorship to participate in a similar overseas app camp.

Any development team with an initial idea, or an idea in development stage, can register to participate in the competition. Registration closes at noon on October 28, 2014.
Hello, developers! Did you register for the Ncell App Camp? Register from here:

(via Ncell App Camp Image:  @SomeshVerma

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