Facebook Users in Nepal [INFOGRAPHIC]

The social networking giant Facebook has around 4 Million users in Nepal, thanks to the smartphones and internet penetration. Back in 2011, there were only 0.85 Million Facebook users from Nepal.

According to Facebook Ad platform, among 4 Million Facebook users, 2.8 Millions are male and 1.3 Millions are female. Just a fun fact that, among 2.8 Million male users 0.64 Millions are single whereas 0.22 Million female users has a relationship status as single.

The rise in number of smartphones have also fueled the growth of Facebook. Out of 4 Million users, around 3 Million users have accessed the Facebook from mobile devices. Data reveals that, around 1.8 Million users have accessed the Facebook from Android devices -- phones and tablets. And 1.3 Million users use the feature phone to access the Facebook. So far, only 0.19 M users have accessed the Facebook from iOS devices -- iPhone, iPad etc. And 0.032 Million users own the Windows phone. These numbers tell that, Android smartphones and tablets are popular here in Nepal.

Disclosure: The data is an approximate figure collected using Facebook's Ad platform.

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