Facebook Users From Nepal [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you know ? Only about 2.2 percentage of whole population of Nepal have access to Internet. And among them 0.85 Million people uses Facebook.

Social Networking site Facebook has about 0.85 Million users from Nepal.  Data shows among0.85 Million users, 0.59 Million users are Male whereas around 0.26 Million users are Female. Data says it seems hard to find single Nepali lady in Facebook. :P

Infograph shows that 58% users from Nepal are single whereas 17% is in relationship and 26% are Married.  Majority of Facebook users from Nepal are Male and 41% Male single users are interested in Female. But interesting only few numbers of Female single users are interested to opposite sex (Male). Data says only 4% of Female single users are interested in Male. May be this is because of structure of society.

But if we refer to age group, then data shows amazing result about Nepali Facebook Users. More number of girls/female are interested towards opposite sex in their teenage. But after 30, interest of Female decreases to almost zero.

"Interested In Opposite Sex" with respect to age for single individual in Facebook.

  • At 17, The interest level for female peaks for the first time. (Female : 17% & Male : 5%)
  • At 20, The interest level of female decreases rapidly while that of male remains steady. This is the turning point of trend and since females were at the end of their teenage (Female : 14% & Male : 10% )
  • At 25, While the interest of female is decreasing rapidly, the interest level in male starts to decrease only after the age of 25, but gradually. (Female : 4% & Male : 8%)
  • At 30, By the age of 30 years, the interest level in male is about 2%, but the interest level in female is almost zero.

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About the data : The data is an approximate figure collected using Facebook's Ad platform. Facebook's Ad Platform gives an approximate population reach for every target audience. And we would like to thank Bhupendra Khanal of In-rev for providing this infograph.

Article originally published on Aakar Post

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