Happy Birthday Twitter : Twitter Turns Five

March 21st, today Twitter is celebrating it’s 5th birthday.

Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams 5 years ago.

Micro Blogging site Twitter has 200 millions users world wide and operates more than 140 million tweets a day. About 25 billions tweets were recorded  last year.

Five years ago, on March 21, 2006 Creator, Co-founder and Chairman of Twitter Jack  tweeted his first tweet by saying ‘just setting up my twttr’ .

At that time Biz Stone had designed logo, Evan had registered domain called “twttr.com” and Jack  was up to programming things. Biz had suggested to use ‘twttr.com’ but Jack was not happy since twttr doesn't have any vowels, in a tweet Jack explained.


According to Jack, “@Noah came up with the name & managed, while @florian & Jack programmed twitter on Ruby on Rails”. On Micro blogging site twitter Jack says, “Originally I was going to program twttr in Python, C, & Ocaml. But, I got @florian who was a core contributor to Ruby on Rails”

Twitter things (mostly programming) was planned to finish in 14 days, but their excitement drove them to non-stop work and they have moved first. They started on 14th March and finished on 19th March. twitter first logo by biz

This was the first logo of Twitter designed by Biz.

Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging site that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. According to Oxford English Dictionary Twitter is "a short inconsequential burst of information, chirps from birds."  Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to the author's subscribers who are known as followers. Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends or, by default, allow open access.

Twitter is ranked as 11th most popular websites worldwide by Alexa's web traffic analysis. Once Again, Happy Birthday Twitter.

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