Bryan Adams Ka ka ka ka ka Kathmandu! Contest on Facebook [Play & Win]

Canadian Rock Star Bryan Adams performed here in Nepal last February. And now contest called “Bryan Adams Ka bryan adams contestka ka ka ka Kathmandu! Contest” is happening on Facebook.

After the successful rocking concert by Bryan Adams on February 19th 2011, a Kathmandu based software company ‘MaxBlogPress’ has organized a contest called, “Bryan Adams Ka ka ka ka ka Kathmandu” on Facebook .

You might have seen, your friends are posting message saying, “Bryan Adams Kathmandu! contest is going on.......Participate in the contest and win exciting gift hampers every week......have a loads of luck and cheeerrssssssssssss Check out this link for free participation” or message like this, “just answer 1 simple question and win the attractive gift hampers every week...” or “oe..Bryan Adams kathmandu contest bhairakheko cha..FREE to participate. Khali 1 simple answer diye pugcha and you can win gifthampers worth Rs 2000. Check out this link for free participation” etc as their status update on Facebook.

Don't be afraid and don’t get confused, because “Bryan Adams Ka ka ka ka ka Kathmandu” is not a scam, rather it’s an original contest where you can win gift voucher worth Rs.1000 and Rs.2000.

It is always fun to play on Facebook for Free and it’s more fun when there is a chance to win gift voucher worth Rs.1000 and Rs.2000 by giving  answer to one simple question.


How to Participate on “Bryan Adams Ka ka ka ka ka Kathmandu” ?

To participate in this contest or lets say to play this game on Facebook, simply Follow this link.

After going to this link, you will be asked to liked their Facebook Fan Page

Liked their Fan Page and click Next'.

Then just answer to one simple question, you can choose that answer from the given option.

Click submit then you just need to share your link to your Facebook wall or invite your some friends and finally you have done. You need to provide your name and phone number too.

You might win free gift vouchers from MaxBlogPress.

MaxBlogPress will select winner randomly and inform you.

Best of Luck guys.

About, “Bryan Adams Ka ka ka ka ka Kathmandu” contest organizer MaxBlogPress says, “This is one heck of a contest where not only lucky winners get, their hands on Rs. 2000 worth gift hampers but their friend will also win amazing gift hampers worth Rs.1000 too.”

After participating, you will be given one link and you can share that link  with your friends. MaxBlogPress says, “If your friends or someone participate using your link wins the contest then you'll win gift hampers worth Rs. 1000.”

That means you don't have to be sad even if you didn't win the contest. You still can win Rs. 1000 worth gift hampers if any of your friends win the contest through your link. In fact its a win-win situation.prizeTill today, more than one thousand people have participated in this contest. Personally, I feel, this is the first original contest happening over Facebook in Nepal, where there is a maximum chance to win free gift vouchers by answering just one simple question. More over, it’s too easy to participate in the contest.

Organizer, MaxBlogPress is a software company established in 2007 in Nepal with the objectives of helping bloggers to make money online and generate traffic to their blogs. They have developed various popular wordpress plugins including Stripe ads, Max banner ads, Ping optimizer, Ninja Affiliate, Subscribers Magnet etc.

For Participation on “Bryan Adams Ka ka ka ka ka Kathmandu” Click here.

Image via: Bryan Adams Ka ka ka ka ka Kathmandu Contest Page

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