Google's Doodle Celebrates Nepal Republic Day

Google has published a doodle on its home page to honor the strength and resilience of the people of Nepal on the occasion of Nepal Republic Day 2015. On doodle's page, Google says, "this country (Nepal) is an international symbol of splendor, peace, and tenacity".

Today's doodle features the candle, stupa and temple, that symbolize the celebration, prayer and a way forward. "The concept of light in this Doodle means three things for Nepal: celebration of this National day, prayers to Buddha, and a guiding light on the way home.", writes Google. Search engine giant, Google further adds, "We hope today's Doodle will remind the people of Nepal that they are an inspiration to the entire world, and that their burning perseverance lights the way for us all."

Google has launched Crisis Response map and the Person Finder in Nepal after the devastating earthquake. Google says, they will continue to help rebuild Nepal.

"In the aftermath of the recent devastating and tragic earthquakes our hearts and minds are with the people of Nepal and the aid workers there helping to heal and mend families as they regain their footing, standing again as their world shifts beneath their feet. Google is committed to supporting efforts to rebuild, and to help carry the load on the difficult climb to recovery.", writes Google.

"Nepal Republic Day, 2015" doodle is available on and's homepage in Nepal.

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