Israel Ends Ban on iPad Imports

Israel has ended its ban on Apple's iPad tablet computer, imposed over concerns its wireless signal could be disruptive.

Israel's Communications Ministry says that after a technical review, officials have decided to allow the popular device into the country. The ministry says officials determined the iPad meets local standards. Beginning Sunday, they were to be allowed into the country.ipad

Israel banned iPad imports after their U.S. release earlier this month, after fears that the powerful gadget's wireless signals could disrupt other devices. At least 10 iPads were seized at the country's international airport.

About a week ago, Israel has banned any iPads being imported from the US from entering the country, threatening to confiscate the newly launched tablet from passengers at airports. A spokesman for the communications ministry had said that, the device’s wi-fi communication system was not compatible with Israel’s own wireless standard and claimed it could damage the domestic network.

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