Twitter reaches 105 million users worldwide

Last week, world's most popular microblogging site Twitter has revealed, first official data on thetwitter-bird microblogging service . They have 105 million users worldwide. The company expects a few more hundreds of thousands of users start to use the service in the coming months thanks to microblog invested to make it easy to access on mobile devices like cell phones and smartphones.

Twitter can be more popular than imagined: the second study group comScore, the site registered a total of 69.5 million visits in February.

In a talk to developers, the CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams, the main objective of the company becomes revenue generation instead of improving user experience. Supported by funds like Benchmark Capital and Spark Capital, Twitter last year raised $ 100 million in a new wave of investment that price the company at $ 1 billion. Headquartered in San Francisco, Twitter has 175 employees - more than the 25 it had in 2009.

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