Candid Camera Prank! [HQ]

Another Facebook scam ‘Candid Camera Prank! [HQ] this is without doubt the sexiest video ever! :P :P :P’  after a Hot Optical Illusion! [HQ] is doing the round on Facebook.prank

In fact that was not a video, but  a application link which download “vlcplayer.exe” in your computer, which might contains a  virus. 'Candid Camera Prank! [HQ] ' Video is a Facebook Scam which is spreading in Facebook worldwide.

If you click on  video link named ‘Candid Camera Prank! [HQ]’ Then,  malicious software called “vlcplayer.exe”, will be downloaded to your computer and those links were posted automatically in others wall.

Be Careful with another virus spreading in Facebook saying something like "this is without doubt the sexiest video ever! :P :P :P" Do not click on it and don't allow it to get information from your profile, it is clearly a Malware trying to get into you.Please report this so as to minimize this issue.Candid Camera Prank! [HQ]In a Facebook community Page called “Without a Doubt” We have seen a number of stream in Facebook saying it is an another Facebook Scam and everyone is warning others not to click on that link.Candid Camera Prank! [HQ] Solution:

Please don’t click on the link and if you find it on your or Friend’s wall or somewhere just ignore it. And if you find it in your wall, then just remove it. And report it to Facebook.

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