Buzzom Blog Ads Launched Today

InRev Systems, India has launched “Buzzom Blog Ads” today. Now you can Advertise your blog, in Buzzom Blog Ads for a greater exposure.

Press Release:

Bangalore, India – May 14th, 2010 --- InRev Systems, the developer of Buzzom, Buzzom Premium and URLBuzzom Blog Ads Shortner, NXY, today announced the launch of Buzzom Blog Ads, an advertising platform for blog owners. Blog owners can buy impressions and advertise their blogs in others blogs while the blog owners publishing their content can earn money based on impressions. Buzzom Blog Ads also gives the option of advertising blogs without spending through the Grid option. Blog owners advertise others blogs and earn impressions which they can use later to advertise their blogs in others blogs.

InRev Systems CEO, Bhupendra Khanal feels that the current advertising platforms available in the market don’t address the advertising needs of bloggers effectively and Buzzom Blog Ads is aimed specifically for this set of users.

Most popular advertising platforms work by placing relevant ads related to products or services in blogs and charging advertisers per click. InRev System CMO, Deep Sherchan says that this does not make much marketing sense as good bloggers needn’t make interested customers. So it makes more sense to advertise blogs on blogs as the intent is guaranteed and this was how the idea of Buzzom Blog Ads was born.Buzzom Blog Ads Buzzom Blog Ads has the following three sections:

  • Advertisers : A blogger with an intention to advertise is called Advertiser. Advertisers can buy impressions, search for blogs for advertising, look at keywords, alexa statistics to get an idea of the blog and its traffic, look at the content to understand relevance and then send a request for advertising.
  • Publishers: A blogger with an intention to publish ads on his blog is called Publisher. Publishers get requests from Advertisers for advertising on their blog, can look at keywords for relevance and based on that decide to accept or reject the request for advertising.Publishers earn money for advertising per impression.
  • Grid: Bloggers advertise others’ blogs on their blogs and earn impressions and use these impressions to advertise their blogs on others’ blogs. Thebest thing about Grid is that the blogger doesn’t need to spend any money yet get more visitors to his blog.

About InRev Systems:

In-rev Systems

InRev Systems is the developer of Buzzom and Buzzom Premium, popular tools used for social media marketing especially on twitter.They have been in the social media market, serving customers for more than a year. InRev Systems is also the developer of NXY, an advanced URL shortener which gives click statistics of links.

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