Gmail Drag and Drop Image Features Only works in Chrome

Starting yesterday, Gmail users can insert images inside the posts with a simple drag of the mouse.

The feature, which was already being experienced in the Labs, now one can use in the email service from Google. Simply select the icon figure saved on your computer and bring it to the body of the message, resizing it if you want.

A curious fact is that the feature works only with the company's browser, Google Chrome. In a test, we found that all other browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera) "break" the image which were dragged into the message.

Google hasn't responded yet, but says that the feature "is coming soon to other browsers."

With other browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera), it is possible that only the user to drag images from their computers to the area of "attachments", which leaves the image stored in the message, but not inserted into the same.

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