Facebook Finally Launched “Simple Privacy Controls”

From early Morning in my  Facebook homepage, Facebook is saying, “Our new, simple privacy controls make it easier to share exactly how you want. Your privacy settings are still the same”. lock

Yes, now finally Facebook has launched its so called ‘simple privacy controls’. You may need to review your privacy settings if your are conscious about privacy and all these things.

You can manage your privacy settings from here, http://www.facebook.com/privacy .  Facebook will give you the simplified options, so you can manage your settings in a single click. And I love custom settings rather than, other setting suggested by Facebook.

Simple Controls

Facebook isn’t going to remove the dozens of privacy controls that let you customize settings for very specific elements of your profile. However, the company is rolling out:

  1. One simple control for changing content viewing permissions to friends-only, friends-of-friends, or everyone — it applies to everything you’ve published on Facebook in the past. This setting will also apply to everything you publish in the future.

  2. A simple way for determining how people can find you on Facebook, and what users that aren’t your friend can see.

  3. A simple way for turning off the Facebook Platform, specifically, being able to opt-out of Facebook’s new instant personalization features and providing third-party sites with information.fbprivacy

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