"Reshare" in Google Buzz

The Buzz Google has introduced a “reshare” button to share the texts published as Retweet of Twitter. The button reshare, however, has some differences. buzz

The text (buzz) can be reviewed publicly or privately. The author of the first message is identified and it will be possible to assemble a list of reprint (reshare chain).

Though Google is introducing additional features to its Buzz, but Buzz is said to be failed to compete with other site such as Twitter and Facebook. Some suggest, Google fails in Social Networking.

How reshare works
When you find an interesting buzz post you want to reshare, instead of copying and pasting it (and maybe attributing the original poster with an @reply along the way), you can now reshare posts with two clicks.

First, click “Reshare” And then, type up anything you want to add and click “Post”.Note that this only works for public posts; private posts won't have the reshare link since the original poster intended to limit the audience of their post.

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