'Optical Illusion! [HQ]' Video was a Facebook Scam

Optical Illusion! [HQ]”  video link was seen in Facebook wall thesdays. In fact that was not a video, but  a opticall illusion HQapplication link which download virus in your computer. 'Optical illusion [HQ]' Video is just an another Facebook Scam which is spreading in Facebook worldwide.

This afternoon, one of my friend has posted one link in my Facebook Wall saying Aakar, this is without doubt the hottest video ever ! :P :P :P

What message looks like ? Below is the message which was being forwarded and posted in Facebook wall.Optical illusion [HQ] Video Facebook Scam

Later he wrote sorry in his status. sory He wrote, Please don’t click the video link named ‘Optical Illusion! [HQ]’, Its being automatically forwarded after clicking. He says, his friend posted such link in his Facebook wall And when he clicked that link, virus was downloaded to his computer and those links were posted automatically in others wall.

How it is spreading in Facebook ?

  • When you click on the posted link , you will taken to the application named F.B. HD Video Player –http://apps.facebook.com/hghh_rtrt/.
  • There you will see a message saying, Thanks for the confirmation! You can continue to the video now.
  • After clicking continue, you will the message – “Your FLV Player seems to be out of date. Please update your FLV Player in order to proceed. Please click the Continue button now and wait a few seconds.
  • Then it asks to download the file – “FLVDirect.exe“.
  • And when you download this .exe file, then automatically virus will be downloaded to your computer. And it will post the following message to your Friends Facebook Wall “ [person name], this is without doubt the hottest video ever!  ”


Please don’t click on the link and if you find it on your or Friend’s wall or somewhere just ignore it. And if you find it in your wall, then just remove it,

What  Facebook has done?

After such a  scam, Facebook has suspended that application called FB H.D. Player (http://apps.facebook.com/hghh_rtrt/). As, Facebook has already disabled that application, Now you are safe from an ‘Optical Illusion’ video Facebook scam.fb

But be alert, don’t click any suspected links in Facebook wall. It might contains virus, which would be harmful for your computer. These days, there are thousands of applications in Facebook. And some of them are misleading and contains harmful virus too. So, browse internet at your own risk. And think once before clicking any links, mostly in Facebook & Twitter.


  1. Seems to me it's still spreading or it was rebuild. Anyway I just got that Link from a friend. Seems my Internet Security saved me from worst case. I jut reportet the App again...

  2. It is still spreading. I was a victim of it today, May 2. Luckily, I didn't download anything because I thought it seemed sketchy. Unfortunately, it still passed it on to 20 something of my friends.