Nepal CA Election Happened Both in Ballot And in Social Media [Buzz Analysis Report] #NepalVotes

Despite the fact that a dozen of Social Media campaigns were executed during the CA Election 2013, Social Media was not the major factor in winning the election in Nepal. But we saw an interesting trend in Social Media.

Twitter was the major channel for discussion during the CA Election, according to the Simplify360 Research on Social Media Buzz Analysis. More than 50K+ Tweets were tweeted mentioning #NepalVotes in the last one month. The research also shows that the Election was watched closely by media around the world including Time Magazine.

"Twitter comes as the major channel for discussion of election; this shows the importance of Twitter in the Nepali society. The other interesting thing is participation of Non-Nepalis and external media in the discussion. Nepal is being watched by everyone closely - after-all we are the nation between two aspiring Superpowers", says the CEO, Bhupendra Khanal of Bangalore based Social Media Analytics company Simplify360.


Research shows, 'Bomb' was one of the main topics of discussion during the pre-election, at the same time people were equally excited about the poll as well.
We saw a stream of posts on Twitter and Facebook, but women's participation was far lesser than men. Little participation of women shows they were less interested in the poll (?). (Women participation: 13% before the election, and 10% after the election.)

People who were in their forties and above had hijacked the discussion on Social Media. Nepal is a young country in terms of demographics in Facebook and Twitter, but serious and prolonged discussion (51%) was carried by the seniors.


The 'win' was the major keyword after the election and positivity was spilling through 'Nepali Congress' and 'Gagan' while negativity was driven by the keywords like 'shame', 'boycott' etc.

During the post-poll period, many young people had turned into the Social Media to talk about CA Election. May be young people were much happier than the seniors about the election results.

Bhupendra Khanal, CEO and co-founder of Simplify360 says, "It is interesting to see youth participating in bringing positive political change in Nepal; seems voting happened both in ballot as well as in Social Media".

Social Media Buzz Analysis on Nepal CA Elections 2013

Research Methodology:
1. Data was collected from all major social media sources using Simplify360.
2. Total data of the 29,171 were tracked from 16th to 23rd Nov
3. Tracked Keywords: #NepalVotes, NepalElection, "Nepal Election", "Nepal Vote","CA Election", #NepalElection, #NepVote, #CAElection, #VotingDay.

About Simplify360:
Simplify360 is a Social Media Management Application for Social Business Analytics and Multichannel Engagement.


  1. Interesting to see Nepalese on social media for good cause. Your analysis obviously shows fundamentals of public posts, and Nepalese still have some divides in media. I just commented in detail twitter only analysis about #NepalVotes in one website and found the same.

    It is glad to learn such analytics even being in foreign.

    Dr Manohar, Paris.

  2. did you do the research yourself aakar? great job!

  3. Yes, we did it using Simplify360 tool. Thank you. :)