Best Nepali Keyboard for Android - Hamro Keyboard

I've used a half dozen of Nepali keyboards in my Android device including Google Hindi Input, MultiLing, Hamro Nepali Keyboard and others. Among them I liked Hamro Nepali Keyboard, which is based on the MPP's Nepali Romanized Unicode layout and Google transliteration.
Hamro Keyboard is a Nepali keyboard for all of us who love Nepali language.
Being an avid user of MPP's Nepali Romanized Unicode keyboard since 2007. I was looking for a similar kind of Nepali Keyboard. Thanks to 'Hamro Keyboard' (beta version) which has just landed on the Google Play Store, now I can use the Romanized Nepali Keyboard on my Android mobile and tablets. :)
Hamro Keyboard is a free app and can be installed in 2.2+ Android devices. 

Hamro Keyboard comes with romanized unicode and transliteration layout, that you can easily toggle while using it. Even more it auto completes 'Nepali Word' while typing. After using this keyboard for a week, I can declare that Hamro Keyboard is the best Nepali Keyboard for Android devices.
Install it from Google Play Store: Hamro Nepali Keyboard
Thanks @shankaruprety and team.

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