9 Reasons to participate in Ncell App Camp

The second edition of Ncell App Camp 2015 is back with a bang and promises an impressive lineup of trainings, workshops, seminars from the best mentors. It is an opportunity for the always-eager Nepali youth to hone their skills in app development and help them bring their own creative ideas to life.

Here's a few exciting reasons for participating in this year's App Camp:

Platform for Creative Business Ideas
If you have been looking for a platform to put forth your creative ideas, Ncell App Camp is the perfect platform for it. The best thing about it is that it's not limited to your own ability but will also help you to get a business sense in order to develop that ability, turn that idea into an app and make it sustainable.

Training Workshops and Seminars
After the selection of 150 ideas, representatives of each team will get to participate in a series of workshops and seminars based on idea management, skill development and business development with national and international speakers. You will learn techniques to successfully develop your app into a business and yourself into an Appreneur.

Mentorship from the Best
The camp features a great mentorship opportunity for each team. Last year, Tommy Palm (the man behind a candy crush saga) mentored the teams at the camp and provided valuable knowledge and guidance on mobile app development, capacity building of participants, entrepreneurship skills for successful startups and business development.

A window to the world of app development and technology market
The recent growth of app development in Nepal promises a budding market for innovative and handy apps. The camp is a doorway to the technology market.

Interaction with like minded people
You will get to meet and interact with people like yourself who are interested in turning an idea or a dream to reality. You will learn from each other and a healthy competition will help broaden your horizons.

Networking platform
Getting to meet people, experienced, chances to collaborate with people who have established themselves in the market. This will help you to build contacts, correspondence and learn from them in the future as well.

Along with interactions and networking you will get exposure in this field and so will your app. This will help create a market space for it as well. Last year, Ncell App Sansar was introduced at the camp. It is Ncell’s app store wherein the winners and participating teams of Ncell App Camp can place their apps for distribution in the Nepali market. In addition, the grand winner gets to participate in an overseas app camp experiencing the app world outside the country.

Unique in Nepalese context
For the first time, Ncell App Camp last year provided a much needed opportunity for where innovative minds to materialize into prolific businesses. This year too it aims to continue it and create space for technological innovation here in Nepal.

Prize Money
Last but not the least, each category winner team will get Rs 250,000 and grand winner will get Rs 500,000 that you can utilize and invest for the benefit of your app and business.

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