IT park, KU IT meet 2016 and relevance of holy Trinity, the oxygen!

The chill climate at night and moths after the light and far away the fine bright static light that boasts around its neighborhood with that might as that of the king Lion in the Jungle. Roaming around the Kathmandu University with your friends and the “meaningful talks” that almost conquers the topic of discussion and far away glittering IT Park and the lights that make it shine are the common scenario to the nocturnal KU citizens.

Kathmandu University - IT Meet 2016

Oh that reminds me of the MoU between Kathmandu University (KU) and IT Park. I believe someday there shall come opportunity when a KU final year Students interning the sprouting companies established around the park. Well, intern season is on and I shall not be able to live the dream to reality as of now. But let’s hope the future students shall able to intern there without leaving this peaceful and clean surrounding of Dhulikhel and KU.

Dreamers are we allowed being, always. But was not the scenario realizable itself? IT park as the platform for tech companies with necessary infrastructure for operation. I guess while its establishment in 2006, starters back then was surely inspired by the Silicon Valley of USA. However,as the aim the impact the park has made in the IT market is almost null. Well, Let’s leave the history to critics, but better late than never, see how the MoU and consequent decision to hold the annual tech-mela and meet for IT stakeholders- students, professionals, developers, named KU IT meet 2016 with the theme Education-Technology-Entrepreneurship has been announced . Let's leave future to the God-the time herself, but courage and initiative taken by Kathmandu University, Kathmandu University Computer Club (KUCC) and students to revitalize the almost dead park with this holy trinity oxygen is commendable.

As earlier said, the lights and shining of the park building is distinguishable from the local community of Banepa and Panauti in the Kavrepalanchowk district with the population of 381,937(2011 census). However, as they say a building is a home when it gets life and impact it makes on the life of the people involved. Similarly, this is, with full confidence I can say, the event or to be precise life to the building.

The technology is growing rapidly and the world has been weaved together by a web more and more like never before. This cliché you hear every day from almost everyone, but few really reflect and analyze to what is required to catch up with that pace.

Connecting back to the aim of IT park itself, the youth and upcoming generation are the ones whose are to be targeted for getting close to the pace. With the synchrony of that aim, one of the theme- Education comes to fit in the puzzle. The more we are able to make our youth acquainted with the tools that has the capacity to make our life easier, the more we ourselves can carry on with the pace and innovate something for the mankind besides the slogan as Buddha's Birthplace and Sagarmatha's Situation.

I must not delve into the power that the word education has and the change it can create, it’s obvious. But the way education has not been integrated with technology till now by our authorities is, to be honest from a Computer Engineering student's viewpoint, disgraceful. Like for example, the way Facebook connects people, Google feeds us information at a click and faster and efficient networks that are making this world into spherical webs with diameter very much minimized compared to the actual one . But does our youth especially the middle school ones and the ones below SLC and even the +2 ones know how and what it requires to make Facebook, Google, Twitter or products as such. Well, let's say it's pretty difficult stuff to grasp, but I can bet bucks for the fact that more than half the population of high school and higher secondary students do not know that there is a platform and there is a technique called programming which can help make your vision and dream turn this world for real using the wand called technology.

Well again, let's leave policies to authorities. But coming back to the initiative, I just want to highlight why the initiative itself and the holy trinity oxygen is really relevant today. With the events like Developers' meet, software and hardware competitions, IT quiz competition, IT talk shows focused towards the youth and inspiring them towards technological innovation is what this IT meet 2016 is categorically aiming on with the theme Education. Everyone uses technology but integrating its mechanism with the stuffs we study is pretty progressive in today's conventional educational system. We (We as in high school students of today's system) know mathematics but we lack the knowledge of what computation is! Irony, isn't it? We know number system, Calculus and everything but little do we know about languages like python, Java, that can really carry out the computation to help us innovate. So, with this meet particularly aimed at that theme, through aforementioned events, students are able to see the bigger picture of abstract concepts they study. They come with the capacity of comparing mathematics to Computation. They are able to widen the horizon through the motivations they gain through the distinguished ones in the field. They are able to think freely and innovate. Isn't this what education is supposed to do?

Pages can be filled talking about this but the aim of IT meet 2016, from the effort and aim organizers are putting into, I can say through this event, KUCC wants to light Nepal through the lights of Technology from Sagarmatha of IT in Nepal itself, IT park. So, that the ones in the dark can follow the path the light provides with the tool in hand called Technology to alleviate themselves from their own miseries, turn their hardships into comfort and ones around them. Isn't this what the big word Entrepreneurship called? With the events like Software and Hardware Hackathon, platform is provided to the ones with the ideas. They get a place for brainstorming their ideas in a way it can be usable to the market it is aiming to. When the aim and the way and vision get clear and tied up with effective business plan, the budding idea can get shaped into a startup, the repeatedly used word Entrepreneurship.

Enough said, so do visit the IT Park, Banepa-Panauti road on 29th and 30th of April yourself to witness that enthusiasm sprouts, that motivation bursting into action through your own eyes. Be the part of that change. Peace!
This post is written by Prabesh Acharya. He is a computer engineering student at Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel. Twitter: @70acharya

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