Ncell launches Yonder Karaoke Contest

Ncell has announced the launch of ‘Yonder Karaoke Contest’, offering a platform for music lovers to make their singing talents visible and win Samsung J7 Prime every week for up to four weeks.

All Ncell users using Yonder Music app can participate in this weekly contest, starting Monday (June 19). The contest has been announced on Saturday in the Capital amid a special function attended by artists, musicians, other dignitaries, and guests.

Ncell had launched the music streaming app 'Yonder Music', on May 26, which enables users to enjoy free access to millions of songs to download, play, sing and share. The app also offers to the customers a first-of-its-kind interactive feature ‘Snap Karaoke’, allowing users to sing and record their own versions of their favorite songs in a video karaoke style and share up to 29 seconds of their karaoke performance with other Yonder users and on social networks, according to their press release.

“We are pleased to announce weekly ‘Yonder Karaoke Contest’ which will start from Monday, in order to encourage users and amateurs to take benefits of ‘Snap Karaoke’, an interesting interactive feature of Yonder, to unleash their singing talents and get recognized. We believe the contest will contribute to bring out talents in every individual, and help the industry identify potential talents,” said Simon Perkins, managing director of Ncell.

How to participate in Yonder Karaoke Contest?
Ncell user can simply record their songs through Snap Karaoke and share them on Facebook and Instagram using the #MysnapkaraokeWeek1 hashtag. Each week the number of the hashtag changes for sharing of karaoke song on the social media platforms. For example, to participate in the second week, the app users are required to use the #MysnapkaraokeWeek2 hashtag. The contest will be held on a cyclical basis of Monday to Sunday.

Each week, a total of top 10 performers will be selected on the basis of the highest number of shares and likes. There should be minimum of 100 likes with a properly mentioned hashtag. A panel of Yonder spoke-artists will select one winner each week for four weeks from the top 10 performers. One time winner will not be eligible to participate again in the contest.

Winners of the karaoke contest will be announced on Tuesdays and handed over the prize. The performers who win the prize and live out of the Kathmandu Valley will be delivered their prizes from the nearest Ncell Centre in their region.

Download Yonder Music App from Google Play Store

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