7 Must Have Nepali Android Apps

The number of Smartphone users in Nepal is growing everyday. Smartphones are slowly becoming our lifestyle, it's just not limited to phone calls nowadays.

Moreover the number of Nepali Android apps is rising. There are hundreds of Nepali Android Apps on the Google Play Store that are being downloaded thousands of times.

Based on my experience and the recommendation from the Twitter users, I've come up with the following must have Android apps list. Earlier I'd asked a question on Twitter.
1. Nepal Loadshedding Schedule
Nepal Load Shedding Schedule by Chandra Man Shrestha is a must have Android app in Nepal as we are suffering from the frequent power cuts. This app keeps us updated about the daily load-shedding schedule in Nepal. With this app, you can view the schedule offline, and can also get the notification with countdown timer for load shedding. This app has been downloaded more than 100K times from the Play Store.
2. Hamro Nepali Keyboard
Hamro Nepali Keyboard by Shankar Uprety is the best Nepali keyboard ever for Android mobile and tablets. Hamro Nepali Keyboard is based on the MPP's Nepali Romanized Unicode layout and Google transliteration.
3. Hamro Patro
Nepali Calendar by Shankar Uprety is a multipurpose android app. We can access Nepali Patro, Nepali FM Radio, Foriegn exchange rates, Horoscope etc with this app. If you don't want to miss any Nepali important events, festivals, and rituals then you should not miss this app. Alternatively, there's another popular app called "Nepali Patro" which does the similar job.
4. Picovico
Picovico by Picovico Inc is an online video creation app that automatically converts your photos into a beautiful video. As the description says, users can select the style of presentation from the multiple templates, add photos and text, select music of their choice and then put in the titles and credits. Once these steps are completed, a video is created in a minute. You can export the video to Facebook or YouTube. And even download and share it offline. Those who are fond of clicking photos with their phone must try this amazing app.

5. nLocate : Places in Nepal
nLocate is all about finding places including ATMs, Hospitals, Bank, Ambulance, Restuarants, Cafes, Cinema hall, Government offices, school, colleges etc in our locality. This is an amazing app to find places with detailed information but it is focused only in Kathmandu for now.

6. Online Baghchal
Semicolon Developers has brought our famous Baghchal (Tiger and Goats) game on Android mobile and tablets with the 'Online Baghchal' app. You can play Online Baghchal both offline and online with your friends or with a computer. Those who love the Baghchal game must install this app.

7. RVL Radio
RVL Radio (Revolution Radio) app is an Internet radio station streaming live 24/7 from Kathmandu, Nepal. You can listen non-stop music with 9 different channels streaming simultaneously with music genres for all. Alternatively, there's another Nepali music streaming app, Sarangi Nepali Radio by Manij Shrestha and Sudhir Chhetri.
Bonus: CashOnAd
CashOnAd is a mobile video advertisement platform for advertisers. But for the Android phone users CashOnAd is more than that, with the CashOnAd you can earn 1 cent on each call received. If you're in Nepal and want to earn a few bucks while receiving a phone call on your Android mobile, this app is for you.

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  1. तँ मुजीलाई थाहा हुन्छ जाँठा, खुब हिरो हुँ भनेर टोपलिन्छस्

  2. I don't think Picovico is a must have app. It is rarely used.

  3. Aakar anil, I think "Nepali audio book" should be there on the list. It is really useful and widely used outside Nepal.

  4. Android Smartphones users on rise in Nepal. @Aakar Anil should have written those app's review rather than just description - my personal opinion btw.

  5. Thanks @Ekendra. I think, I need to write a separate blog for reviews.

  6. Thanks Umesh. There're many apps on the playstore, and I just wrote about 7. That's why. :)

  7. That's why I'm recommending to use this amazing app. :)

  8. sathi le banako bhayera halka jod diyeko ;-) But highly downloaded nepali app

  9. Now, New on the list Swipr :) and dont think Picovico is Nepali app :P

  10. Probably Swipr too.

    But I'm surprised that many of us have not heard about Picovico before.

  11. I don't think my app deserves to be on the list, but still: squgeim.blogspot.com/2013/12/squremote.html

  12. Since I am working abroad for me Nepali patro and Nepali FM are the only two Nepali apps I use and thanks for the developer.