Adobe to Acquire India Based Social Media Analytics Startup @Simplify360 [Rumors]

"Adobe is looking to buy an India based Social Media Management and Analytics company Simplify360", according to the Social Samosa. Companies like Google, Facebook were already acquiring India based startup, and now here comes Adobe.

The Social Samosa writes, “The tool in question is Simplify360, a SaaS based social media analytics tool from Bangalore. Rumors going around the state that Adobe is eyeing to acquire Simplify360.”

Adobe systems is aggressively looking into Social Media and Analytics space from the last few years, and is expanding their presence in India through different programs. Given that, Simplify360 – a SaaS based tool is the biggest Social Media Analytics company in India, Adobe wants to acquire Simplify360 to compete with Salesforce and wants to become the ultimate leader in Social Media Analytics. Have no doubt, Simplify360 is the proven leader in India and APAC region.

A few months back, Apple had surprised the world by acquiring analytics company Topsy, that focuses on Twitter Analytics. And I won't be surprised if Adobe is following a similar path of Apple by acquiring Simplify360.

I contacted Bhupendra Khanal, CEO of Simplify360 but he declined to comment on this matter. I'll update this blog as soon as I get more updates.

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