Nepal Telecom Turns 10, Offers Discount, Launches Android App

Nepal's oldest telecommunication company, Nepal Telecom (Nepal Doorsanchar company Limited) turned ten today. On its 10th anniversary NT has offered a 50 % discount in GSM and CDMA call, for three days from February 4 (Magh 21) to February 6.

Nepal Doorsanchar company Limited, famously known as Nepal Telecom was officially launched ten years ago. Prior to that, it was established as a fully owned Government Corporation called Nepal Telecommunications Corporation in B.S. 2032 for the purpose of providing telecommunications services to Nepalese People. After serving the nation for 29 years, the Nepal Telecommunication Corporation was transformed into Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited from Baisakh 1, 2061.
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Nepal Telecom has also released their Android App on the Google Playstore. I was quite skeptical about the NT's Android app, but after using it for a few times today, it has made some sense to me. The NT's android app is more like an information portal, either way NT's app can be considered as the Telecom's mobile site, which is loaded with the NT's information, offers and services.

I find "Balance Transfer" feature very useful. Previously, whenever I've to transfer a balance to another number, I'd to go through my Google Keep notes to find "balance transfer format". I might sound crazy, but I did not remember 'balance transfer format', though I remember the security code. Now I can transfer a balance to my grandpa's mobile with a simple click on the NT's app.

However, you cannot buy a recharge card or pay PSTN telephone bill from the app right now, but you can enter your 13 or 14 digits PIN code on the app and recharge your phone. Basically, with NT's android app you don't have to remember any kind of short code. Just fire-up the app, it'll do the job for you. I hope NT will include online recharge system and other services soon on its Android app.

Happy birthday Nepal Telecom!

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  1. this sounds nice! locating NT's nearest wifi hotspot would also be nice. I think NT is promoting wifi hotspot isn't it?