Twitter Users in Nepal

Twitter is open for everyone, but the Twitter stats. Twitter has 271 Million monthly active users worldwide, and is rapidly growing in South Asia. Since I knew the number of Facebook users in Nepal as well as the number of LinkedIn users, my assumption was Nepal has 1 Million Twitter users.

But I was wrong, according to Ncell 1.7 Million users have accessed the Twitter via Ncell under the Twitter Zero scheme. Well, that's a huge number! After going through the Ncell's data, and the number of smartphone users in Nepal, my new assumption is that there are around 3.0 Million Twitter users in Nepal, among them 1 Million users are active. What do you think? 

It doesn't necessarily mean, 3 Million individuals from Nepal are on Twitter, instead one might have 2-3 different accounts. Right now, I'm managing/using around 20 Twitter accounts (including both personal and work related).

PS. These numbers are based on an assumption. Only Twitter data will be official.

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